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Thank you message to sponsor Palden Ami for sponsoring of 300 Cypress trees at Dzogchen Kalachakra Retreat land, UK.

Thank you!

Thank you very much Palden Ami.

This is really helpful for my Awam Bhudha retreat land and to help mother earth. Palden Ami has sponsored 300 medicine trees. I really like to do this at this time because the world is very warm and lots of countries are having fires. And there are not enough trees growing on the earth. With the medicine trees on my land, it helps my students and helps the United Kingdom where I live.

Also, if other students wish to do more trees, you can do one or two or three. One tree is 14 British Pounds. I’m not asking you to do this. Only if you wish to do this, I’m sharing this information with you.

Dedication is for sponsor and all the world for peace. May sponsor’s wish come true for liberation. Thank you.

From Khenchen Lama.