Teaching on the Seven Limb Prayer by H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche

The Seven Limb Prayer is very important for meditation practice because it is the first preliminary practice. This is very important.

To begin, when doing meditation, I visualize Guru Rinpoche. His liberated body is fully adorned with all of the signs of the Buddhas.
Guru Rinpoche’s speech is complete with all 60 rhythmic flows without hesitation.
Guru Rinpoche’s vast, profound mind is filled with wisdom and compassion that is beyond all conceptions.
I prostrate to the well of the three secrets of your body, speech and mind.

I mentally offer outer, inner and secret offerings, of my own and others. I offer the actual objects and those I visualize of body, wealth, all virtues and all that is amazing and marvelous. Throughout the three times, I offer to you, a visualized ocean of clouds like Samantabhadra’s offerings.

I confess that my mind is oppressed with the stifling darkness of ignorance. I have done many wrongs against reason and vows. Whatever mistakes I have made in the past, with a deep passion of regret, I apologize. I will never repeat them and without reservation, I confess everything to you. I am very, very sorry my Guru, Guru Rinpoche.

Rejoicing from the depths of my heart, I rejoice in the enlightening deeds of the sublime masters and in virtuous actions past, present and future that are performed by myself and all others as well as by ordinary, excellent beings of the three secret traditions. (Hinayana, Mahayana and Tantrayana)

I request that every day you wake sentient beings from the sleep of ordinary and instinctive defilements with the divine music of the Dharma’s pure truth, resounding with the melody of profoundness and peace and in accordance with the dispositions of your various disciples. I pray.

I entreat you to firmly establish your feet upon the indestructible Vajra throne in the indissoluble state of AWAM until every sentient being gains the calm breath of joy in the state of final realization, unfettered by external extremes of worldliness or tranquil liberation. I pray.

I totally dedicate my virtuous actions of all the three times so that I may receive continuous care from my Guru Rinpoche and attain full enlightenment for the benefit of all, through completion and the supreme deed of Buddha Samantabhadra. I pray.

Inner Respect. Khenchen Lama.