AWAM Centers

Official Registered International Awam Centers

AWAM Foundation

AWAM Foundation is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Arizona, established to provide support to an orphanage and elder center in Eastern Tibet.The activities of the AWAM Foundation are guided by compassion and wisdom.

AWAM Tibetan Buddhist Institute

Awam TIbetan Buddhist Institute is located in Tucson, Arizona. The center offers basic and advanced curriculum in buddhist studies both online and in class, weekly meditation practices and special workshops and talks.

AWAM Tibetan Heart Center

Awam Tibetan Heart center is located in sedona, arizona. the center offers regular meditation group practices and organises annual buddhist conferences and events.

AWAM Gesar Monastery

Awam gesar monastery is located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. the center was established in 2018 after an auspicious dream by rinpoche. the center organises weekly meditation and annual king gesar retreats.

AWAM Institute

AWAM Institute, Qinghai, Tibet China

Awam Institute is located in Qinghai, Tibet China. It is a Tibetan arts training institution managed by Rinpoche’s close disciple, Khenpo Woseal. Khenpo Woseal is also the principal of Awam institute, Tibet.

Rinpoche with Khenpo Woseal in Hong Kong 2018


Structured Arts Curriculum

recent graudates from 3 year programme


Specialized Thangka Arts Curriculum

current students training in progress


Collaboration with Local Council

Involvement in engaging beneficial activities with local council in qinghai


AWAM Wild Cordyceps

AWAM's very own Home grown wild cordyceps

AWAM Wisdom Manjushri Blessed Medicinal Pills