500 King Gesar Statues


Today is a really auspicious day. Also, recently I dreamed something auspicious. I’d like to do something this year.

Everybody knows that last year we did 500 Amitabha statutes and gave them to family practitioners in Tibet.

Thank you to all the sponsors. We all have good virtue and benefit others.

This year, I’d like to do 500 King Gesar statues. If a lot of people come together to sponsor this, it will be a great help for my project.

Now it is a difficult time in this world. Especially the environment, politics, and people. There are more obstacles for practitioners.

This time with the King Gesar statues, they are prayers for the protection of practitioners and for the world.

Dear Dharma brothers and sisters, if you can donate toward one or two King Gesar statues or how many you wish to buy, this would be great. Then I can order the statutes. These will be dedicated to sentient beings so they reach the great liberation; for world peace; to benefit us and others; and for people to be healthy and have good meditation to benefit others.

If you are able to help, it is 300 Chinese Renminbi for each King Gesar statue. This includes the consecration by monks.

If you are not able to contribute it doesn’t matter. Don’t worry. It is fine. If you are able to help, thank you. All the best to you all. In Great Dharma Blessings.