In Thodgal meditation, one doesn’t look directly at the sun. This is very important. If we look at the sun directly, it is not good for the health of our eyes and it does damage our eyes. If we look at the moon, it is very good for our eyes. If we look at a candle or lights, there are no problems. But if we look directly at the sun it is not good for our eyes.

When doing Thodgal meditation, you use your arm and hand to measure where you look in the sky.

You measure from the tip of your fingers to your elbow below the sun. This is where you look. The other way is to have the sun behind you and look at the sky in front of you. When you look, you can have different experiences of seeing many things like thigles.

To do Thodgal meditation, we need to be very confident in our concentration. We need this to have Shamatha easily. It is also important to believe in seeing Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Then your practice will become better and better.

Automatically there are the Three Kayas and with eye consciousness, you see writing in the sky. This is not really outside but the writing is like a shadow. Instead, inside, you recognize the nature of your mind. Then with your strong devotion; respect of your Guru and Lineage and you recognize the nature of your mind, then you are done. You are doing this right.

I tell you this now as many people don’t know what to do. It is important to understand inner mind. Then Thodgal is a short cut for Rainbow Body.

Thank you everyone.

Inner Sun, Khenchen Lama.