Introduction to the Tantra View

Tantra View Wishful Gem

Tantra view is pure mind and very pure, clean mind. Generally, Buddha Shakyamuni taught the Four Noble Truths. The Four Noble Truths are the foundation teachings of Hinayana, Mahayana and Tantryana.

First shortly, I’d like to say Hinayana’s view and Mahayana’s view. Hinayana’s view is “I am emptiness. And not everything is emptiness”. Mahayana’s view is “I and everything is emptiness”. Tantrayana’s view is “I and everything is emptiness and also pure clean mind. These two are together and we are talking about our self.

That means first we know that samsara’s characteristic is suffering. 

Secondly, we know the cause of suffering in samsara is due to negativity and we know this can be purified. 

Thirdly you really know your path. And fourthly, action is understanding there are levels. These four basic understandings, the Four Noble Truths, are the same in Hinayana, Mahayana and Tantrayana.

In summary, we understand suffering; the cause of suffering which can be purified and we know the path which has levels.

Of course, those are all the foundation of all Buddhist practitioners’ path. 

Today I will talk about Tantrayana view. This view, meaning the general view as well as it also has six different Tantrayana views. 

For example, the six levels are; Kriayana tantra, Upiyana tantra, Yogayana tantra, Mahayoga tantra, Anuyoga tantra and Dzogchen tantra.

The view of pure clean mind is the same in each of these. But there are different levels. For example, elementary school, high school, university and then a professor. Today I’m talking about Mahayoga’s view, meditation, activity and action. Because if we initially talk about a very high level, it is difficult to understand. And a very low level, people know easily. So, the middle way is the Mahayoga view.

View has two aspects. The first one is we think of outside our self. And secondly, we think of inside yourself. These are object (outside) and subject (inside). If you know Mahayoga’s view, you see all are objects of Buddhahood and so see humans, animals, yogi and yogini practitioners, vajra brothers and sisters are the inner mandala. This means, they aren’t outside but are very close. Also, the objects of sound, music and also mantra aren’t different ways. It is especially important not to have negative sound and talking.

When say mind is very pure, it means no negativity. When say it is clean it means you know others’ minds are also clean. And you understand that mind, your mind, is a deity or yidam. You know these 3 things: object, subject and pure clean mind. This is Mahayoga tantra view.

Then you try for example Vajrasattva visualization then concentration of only Vajrasattva. The heart syllable is HUNG. Mantra is a wheel going around the heart syllable. Do the mantra of Vajrasattva 100 syllables with light going out, blessing sentient beings, great yogi and yoginis who have pure clean mind. Then the light comes back to us and it is liberation of our self. Try this again and again. This means you do meditation in this way.

And then also as you go, sit, eat and sleep, try all the time to think of yourself as Vajrasattva body, speech and mind. These are the four activities. After you do this, the action is you are 100% confident you your self are Vajrasattva and all beings you see are Vajrasattva Five Buddhas. This is the orientation of Mahayoga tantra’s action of pure clean mind. If you know this, then today you 100% understand Mahayoga tantra view. Then you do meditation, activity and action. And your intention never changes. This is excellent!

Also, it is important that at first you have motivation with Bodhicitta and then you do Mahayoga view, meditation, activity and action. Then you finish with dedication. You do this as long as you have time for each day. It is important to do this way.

I tell you very easily: OM. the meaning is of view, pure clean mind. You understand object and subject is Buddhahood. Think of view. Also, if it is difficult to understand the view, then pray to your Guru and your lineage master to bless you so you understand and to think of you. And you try to do Guru Yoga and Vajrasattva meditations again and again. This is of benefit to help your view; to be better and clean. And therefore, you will exactly understand Tantric view. Also, with Tantric view, you understand you are a precious human.

Secondly, you say AH. It means meditation. You have the view with mantra and try meditation again and again. Don’t forget the view and try again and again. This is meditation.

Then HUNG. HUNG means blessing of activity. You know the view; you do meditation, and this activity is going, walking, eating, sleeping and during these times you are blessing others. Also, you have mindfulness of the tantra view. This mindfulness is of the tantric view and doing meditation and not forgetting mindfulness of the tantric view. This is very different than scientists and samsara’s mindfulness.

HRI is action. You know your view and you do meditation. Also, your activity is tantra view with your body, speech and mind. Then your action is being confident of pure clean mind. Then, you are a great yogi practitioner. Thus, you remember OM AH HUNG HRI – view, meditation, activity, action with mindfulness and concentration.

Also, you do mantra and mudra and try to do this everyday. That will help your view, meditation, activity and action. If you didn’t try this way, then view, meditation, activity and action won’t come to you unless you do.

Inner Tantrayana. Khenchen Lama