500 Amitabha Statues


Thank you everyone! It is really very helpful to have the 500 Amitabha statutes. All sponsors in Malaysia and Singapore and all my students thank you. It is really helpful because this project helps this world; this life and next life. This life time you did good virtue because you sponsored the Amitabha statues and then gave to others so they can practice this prayer every day.

Next life time will be very good and we will go to Amitabha’s Buddhahood. I’m confident in this because my Guru, H.H. Sera Yangtrul Rinpoche’s treasure he said that “whoever knows me then you will go to Dewachen next life”. For this reason this is like a cause of good virtue especially for my relatives and 500 families to do these prayers every day. This is amazing! It is not an accident that it has come true.

Also I do dedication and thank you all at this time that you listened and believed me. Also that you have respect. It is a good time. Thank you everyone. All the best this life and next life. We will go to Amitabha Buddhahood.

In Buddha Blessings. Khenchen Lama.