Teaching on Blessings of Relics by H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche

Actually, when Tibetan Tantra practitioners pass away, they have different special relics, for example, teeth, nails, and clothes. Also, this lifetime, they have Blessing things. And after they leave their physical body, there are special relic things. That is, we have very great respect, then have great blessings for our body, speech and mind.

If a person is a real practitioner; care for them self their whole life, have Blessing objects and have all their physical things, then this is very good. For example, if have Blessing objects, then if we go to a magic or dangerous place and have these thoughts about our Blessing objects, then there aren’t obstacles. For example, if someone comes with a gun and a person has protection with these relics, then the bullet won’t come into our body. There are many examples of this that are true history.

Usually, if you are very confident of your mind, then you are never scared and never worry. It is important to keep the Blessed item around our neck or put it close to our body. This is a reminder for us of Dharma and our Guru.

But now a lot of people in this modern time are using plastic and hold it in their hand or put close to their body. Even if mantras are said with the plastic, it isn’t helpful because it is poor quality. It is very important to use glass or things from nature such as crystal, silver or gold. These have power when a mantra is said with them and so it is more caring for yourself. This is taking care of our self and it is helpful for our physical body.

Don’t try plastic, other poor things or things that don’t have meaning. Blessing objects need to be good quality. If use plastic or things of poor quality, then even if your devotion is very good and you respect your teacher and the Dharma, it isn’t helpful. You really check carefully.
In modern times, people are trying. If the Blessing object comes from rich or poor, it doesn’t matter. Our physical body needs things from nature. If the item isn’t glass or from nature, the effect is opposite and not a blessing. This isn’t a Blessing problem. It is a problem of the quality of the Blessing object.

Also, plastic is a very serious problem for the environment. If you use plastic and other poor-quality things, this is doing things in a business way because it is cheaper.

You don’t need to do Blessings this way. The Blessing object can be very small with good quality and it can save your life.

Inner Blessing. Khenchen Lama.