Dzogchen Kalachakra Light Retreat Centre

Retreat Center in North Wales, Snowdonia National Park , United Kingdom.

For some time now, I have been looking for a suitable land where I could establish a retreat centre to further support my students worldwide in developing focused meditation practice.

I am really pleased to share that with support of my students, I have been able to acquire woodland in North Wales where I intend to build a retreat centre in the coming years. The woodland is located in a beautiful, yet accessible, location within the Snowdonia National park. I have named it The Dzogchen Kalachakra Light Retreat Centre.

As the name suggests, my vision for the centre is that it will become a place of retreat and refuge enabling practitioners to deepen and advance their personal meditation practice of Dzogchen and realize the clear light of their own mind. My hope is that the centre will grow strong and create solid foundations for rigorous traditional training in Dzogchen for many decades and possibly centuries, preserving these precious teachings in a long lineage of accomplished practitioners.

In line with traditional Tibetan Buddhist approach to preserving environment and protecting all beings, the centre will be built and run following sustainability principles, including eco-friendly buildings, lighting, water usage and fuel. The land will also be a place of conservation for plants and animals, setup in consultation with local conservation experts.

I am now asking you to support the establishing of The Dzogchen Kalachakra Light Retreat Centre. The following will be required in the next phase of its development (Please note that all building costs include foundations, heating, water and basic furniture):
– Surveys of the land for water supply and building £5,000
– Cleaning of the woodland £2,000
– Planning permissions preparation (including builder and surveyor consultations) £2,000
– Water supply and electricity (solar and water) infrastructure £6,000
– Building of eco-friendly fencing £10,000
– Building of a parking lot £10,000
– Building of an access path through the land £10,000
– Building of five eco-friendly composting toilets £1,400 each
– Building of a teacher cabin £14,000
– Building of a large cabin temple for teachings and group practice (up to 30 people capacity) £50,000
– Building of 5 single occupancy retreat cabins on the land £8,000 each
– Building of 5 double occupancy retreat cabins on the land £10,000 each
– Building of four view points for outdoor meditation £3,000 each
– Landscaping £2,000
– 108 small stupas to be placed at the retreat land boundaries £300 each

Donations of any amount are much appreciated. They can be submitted through the contact page of our website or via the online donation button for a one time donation to support Rinpoche’s Dzogchen Kalachakra Light Retreat Center. 

Thank you to the following Sponsor of Dzogchen Kalachakra Retreat Light Center

Name of SponsorCountryAmount
Palden Kunrig (Mar’21)FranceGBP100
Palden Kunrig (Apr’21)France GBP100
Palden Kunrig (11 May’21)France GBP100
Palden Kunrig (19 May’21)France GBP100
Palden Kunrig (10 Jun’21)France GBP100