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New Year Message from Rinpoche

Happy New Year!

Tashi Delek everyone and Happy New Year!

Hopefully everyone will be happy, healthy, and wealthy.

Most important right now is New Year Resolutions for ourself.

My resolution is to take more care of Guru Rinpoche’s lineages. And to do more meditation of Four Roots and Great Perfection. Also, to take very good care of Awam, Guru Rinpoche’s tradition. This means the union of Wisdom and Compassion to take care of this.

Most important, we think more of the environment. Because we did not take care of this before and if we do not take good care now, there will be even more fires, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, high wind storms, very high temperatures, droughts, and a lot of other very bad weather. These effect all parts of everyone’s life including being able to grow food – or not.

Now we think and focus on inner meditation. This is very good. Then outside we can take care of more easily. Everyone try to do more meditation of our Buddha Nature. Everyone try to do Shamatha and Rigpasana meditation every day, as daily practice.

Buddhism, or not Buddhism it does not matter. Everyone needs being happy, healthy, wealthy, and good virtue. Especially human beings, we are all born the same way; same living (walking, sitting, eating, sleeping), and have good qualities. So human beings are all similar. Thinking this way, we can understand more.

Also, we are all the same as we die. For this reason, at the time of death, everyone is afraid if they do not have a daily meditation practice. People are afraid when dying because they have no control of what is happening. If have meditation, then when you are unhappy or dying then you can control yourself. If do not have meditation then you are unhappy, cannot control yourself and you have much suffering.

This is talking in general and to also have a meaningful life. If we do meditation this year, this month, and this day, and we try this way, we will also have a meaningful life.

All the best to you all!

Inner Peace. Khenchen Lama