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Prophecies Come True

A long time ago, I wished I could go to China. I had dreams, visions, and a great method. Also, H.H. Kathok Rigzin Chenpo, was in my dream. He is a scientist. There is also 1376 years of prophecy; Yeshe Tsogyal’s prophecy, Nubchen Sangye Yeshe, and Padma Dragnag Lingpa’s prophecies. All of those lamas showed prophecies of a special cave of Guru Rinpoche. For almost 800 years nobody knew about this cave.

The prophecies said this cave was very good for doing 7 years, 7 months, 7 days meditation retreat. There are 5 Dakinis; Mandarava, Yeshe Tsogyal, Shakya Dewa, Tashi Chuldren, and Shekar Tsedron, are already blessing Guru Rinpoche’s Copper Colored Mountain. History says this is an auspicious area. The mountain is auspicious. The river is auspicious. The trees are auspicious. The rock is auspicious and the location is auspicious.

It is a secret cave. It is special as it has 5 caves inside it: The Great Body cave; Speech cave, Mind cave, Knowledge cave, and Activity cave. Also, the Mind cave is great as it can hold 50,000 people.

There are also 3 additional very auspicious caves in the Mind cave. Roma is a powerful cave. Here, one can very quickly have Enlightenment. Second is the Uma cave. It is the middle cave. This is the Enlightenment cave, the Liberation cave. Third is the Kyangma cave. This is Peace and more Shamatha meditation.

Inside the caves are many Treasures – gold, diamond, silver as well as many statutes. All of the Treasures are Dzogchen texts. The statutes were all dressed with the uniform of Shambhala and King Gesar. There were Thousands of Buddhas statues. Also, Vajras and Bells and many Tantra things like offerings. All were dressed in Sambhogakaya uniforms or Nirmanakaya uniforms.

There are billions of Treasures filling this cave. Of course, Treasure Masters, Rinpoches, and Lamas find Treasures there. Normal people who respect Guru Rinpoche also find Treasure Vases. This is all history. A short history.

Luckily this year, on Oct 1st, my dream came true. I found this Treasure cave. Good news! This is good luck for this world.

Since I was young, up until now, I really respected, believed, and tested Guru Rinpoche. For many years I did meditation, retreats, and practice. And this was the cause of good quality and good wishes coming true. History is very good. Stories I can hear. I saw many things in history that had many things like in the Taktsang, Tiger’s Den.

With my ear consciousness I heard. I saw the cave and found it. I did ceremony to open Guru Rinpoche’s cave along with 8 Dakinis, and 3 Vidyadharas. Together we did meditation; and made offerings to the Buddha Dharma. We did outer, inner, and secret prayers to Guru Rinpoche of Tiger Mountain.

Then the environment changed. This cave was very great. The cave opened and everyone saw everything. The three caves inside had different colored water. White, red, and blue colored water came automatically. Nothing happened before this. Older people, 70 and 80 years old never saw this place before. New water came strongly in three places. It was not raining and there was no snow. And yet, inside the water came. It also had a good smell like incense. A rainbow came naturally on the cave’s door. This water had a natural song which everyone heard.

Om Ah Hung Benza Guru Padma Siddhi Hung.

Waterfall at Cave
Waterfall at Cave

The Kyangma cave had white color water. Then we did a Tsog offering for the God of the mountain.

Then everyone heard Om Ah Hung, over and over, coming naturally.

Then there was light that filled the cave. There were many Tibetan ཛ Zha. There were also other letters and many lights. With the light, we could see everything clearly.

There was Dharmakaya protection, Sambhogakaya protection, and Nirmanakaya protection. This is what I saw. There was one Dharmapala dragon – Rangzhen Kawakarpo. There was also the Dharmapalas Jangriz Mukpo and Yudruk Jingri.

They had lots of respect for me and this secret cave. And they welcomed everyone. Everyone did offerings, prayers, and we did meditation together.

Especially in this cave, Dharmapala Tagtsang whose hidden name is Dorjee Wangdrak Tsal, is dark red in color. On his right side, he was holding a Victory banner. On his left side he was holding a powerful lasso. He takes care of this mountain and cave.

In the middle cave, a Naga Lady Dharmapala came. She had one milk vase and gave it to me. Great! I drank it all and was full of the Four Joys. My body, speech and mind were all full of bliss. There were many Naga Ladies and Naga Kings.

Then on the left side of the cave, there was a minister who was very wrathful. In his right hand he held a spear. In his left hand he had a lasso. He finished all enemies, demons, maras, and all negative things. All was victorious. Also, there were black demons, red demons, samsara, and holy protection. It was like an Ocean of Protection.

Everyone said they will take care of the world, especially the Luministic Dzogpachenpo and the Primordial Lineage of Dzogpachenpo. All of the water went to the ocean and the whole world was Peace. They promised to take care of the outer, inner, and secret world and sentient beings. They will take care with Bodhicitta.

Then mara and the demons, all changed their minds and became Bodhisattvas. Everyone committed to follow Guru, Guru Padmasambhava. Yidam is Dorjee Drollo. Dakini is Wishful Auspicious Tara. Dharmapala was King Gesar and his 84 heroes, students. Also, practice is only Dzogchen. Those who promised and really believed, were liberated.

We did meditation for one hour forty-nine minutes. Then the water flowed directly to the seaside. We were all very peaceful. It never happened like this for my students, Dakas and Dakinis.

We found 13 Great Treasures. These are all secret. Also, 25 other Treasure Masters and 25 Dakinis will come here to benefit the outer, inner, and secret worlds to have liberation.

Then we did Tsog offerings. The Six Wishful Tsog Offerings and the Six Consciousness of Liberation. Then we did the Aspiration Prayer for Wishes to Come True from Jigme Lingpa and Padamba Dedication Prayer of Aspiration. We finished with Yeshe Tsogyal’s Maha Guru prayer.

Then the cave became small. We had no choice but to go back to the hotel. Back at the hotel, we did this dedication:


All Prayer of enlightened mind.



In the state of appearances, sounds and thoughts being respectively deities, mantras and dharmakaya,



Forms [of deities] and primordial wisdom manifest endlessly.



In the practice of the profound secret yoga,



May they be indivisible and of one taste with the bindu of enlightened mind.



Written by Gyurme Dorje.



May this prayer of aspiration for sealing the body, speech and mind of all this great master’s fortunate followers, headed by his spiritual and familial heirs, within the indestructible body, speech and mind.


Rigdzin Editions, October 2023

持明所譯 2023年10月