Sponsor Urgen Drolma Lama Relic Stupa

We are pleased to receive donations from the following donors for our “Urgen Drolma Lama Relic Stupa” Building project. We wish to thank all donors from around the world for their financial support to Rinpoche’s vision to built “Urgen Drolma Lama Relic Stupa” in the land of Dzogchen Kalachakra Light Retreat Center,  Capel Curig, Wales, United Kingdom. 

82 Sponsors for Urgen Drolma Lama Stupa – Updated 3rd May 2019

Name of Sponsor Country Amount
Rigchok Rinpoche Chengdu, China RMB 10,000
Ah Gyur Rinpoche Qinghai, China RMB 20,000
Palden Rinchen Wales, UKGBP 2,500
Great Perfection Pureland Association SingaporeGBP 750
Rigdzin Yangchen Lhamo SingaporeSGD 2,000
Jamgon Tenzin Slovenia EUR 400
Mrs Ho (何焕爱)Hong KongHKD 12,000
Tai Yu HoHong Kong HKD 1,000
Palden Ahmi Malaysia RM 50,000
Ong Chin Keong MalaysiaRM 50
Tee Sher ChiengMalaysiaRM 50
Ong Irene MalaysiaRM 25
Ong Ai Jia Malaysia RM 25
Ong Ai TongMalaysiaRM 25
Ong Shu Siang Malaysia RM 25
Chua Poh Lee (Palden Chosyang)Malaysia RM 200
Ang Beng Hua Malaysia RM 100
Ng Kien SengMalaysiaRM 100
Ng Kien LeeMalaysia RM 100
Ng Kian Yeong Malaysia RM 100
The Late Ng Wan SeongMalaysia RM 100
Koh Eng Tat Malaysia RM 50
Chia Hua ChooMalaysia RM 50
Koh Yee Won Malaysia RM 50
Koh Yee Jye Malaysia RM 50
Koh Yee TengMalaysia RM 50
Tan Peng Soh Malaysia RM 1000
Chow Seng Gwek Malaysia RM 1000
Tan Choon ThyeMalaysia RM 100
Ong Sim Huay Malaysia RM 100
Kam Kok HwaMalaysia RM 100
Tan Mooi HoonMalaysia RM 100
Eric Wong Jin SunMalaysia RM 100
Tan Jing Yun (Palden Palmo)Malaysia RM 100
Cha Beng Choo Malaysia RM 50
Ng Sheue Mei Malaysia RM 20
Cha Chong HanMalaysia RM 20
Cha Nian Zhen Malaysia RM 20
Cha Xin Ying Malaysia RM 20
Cha Bao QingMalaysia RM 20
Ch’ng Siok Peng Malaysia RM 200
Wong Ah Sim MalaysiaSGD 20
Lim Kok HuaMalaysia SGD 10
Lim See Yee Malaysia SGD 10
Lim Zi Xiang Malaysia SGD 10
Low Yan Khang Malaysia SGD 10
Chua Sang Chye Malaysia SGD 10
Chua Sang HeeMalaysia SGD 50
Moh Chit Hwee Malaysia SGD 10
Yvonne Chua Ye YiMalaysia SGD 10
Elaine Chua Jia Ying Malaysia SGD 10
Lee Ah Lim Malaysia RM 20
Helen Chen Kwee Hong Malaysia RM 50
Ang Kee Kek Malaysia RM 50
Ng Siew Fong Malaysia RM 20
Cha Ah Kim Malaysia RM 20
Thean Swee Lian Malaysia RM 20
Cha Pei LingMalaysia RM 20
Kuek Swee Lai Malaysia RM 20
Kuek Xin Yuen Malaysia RM 20
Cha Chun Yong Malaysia RM 20
Lim Soo MengMalaysiaRM 20
Foo Yoon PonMalaysia RM 20
Foo Hui YingMalaysia RM 20
Foo Toon Ming Malaysia RM 20
Foo Chin Ying Malaysia RM 20
The Late Koh Ah Ting Malaysia RM 20
Choo Kit ChoyMalaysia RM 20
Wah Woon Neng Malaysia RM 20
Choo Thim HoeMalaysia RM 20
Choo Ve Qin Malaysia RM 20
Lee Kee Meow Malaysia RM 500
Tan Hong Ong Malaysia RM 20
Tan Kok Seng Malaysia RM 20
Lim Leong Hu Malaysia RM 20
Dan Sheh Zeng Malaysia RM 20
Tan Yan Li Malaysia RM 20
Pheong Yong FongMalaysiaRM 150
Yu Lai YueMalaysia RM 150
Koh Orchid Malaysia RM 100
Teh Hock How Malaysia RM 100
Tee Hor Chang Malaysia RM 200

50 New Sponsors for Urgen Drolma Lama Stupa – Updated on 27th August 2019

Name of SponsorCountryAmount
Wong Yee Wen MalaysiaRM 50
Wong Chun Ren MalaysiaRM 50
Wong Chun QuanMalaysiaRM 50
Wong Kiun MengMalaysiaRM 10
Tan Cin LokMalaysiaRM 50
Armani Tan Yu Hang MalaysiaRM 50
The Late Cha Siew ChinMalaysiaRM 60
Lim Poo AnnMalaysiaRM 100
Cha Sew Yong (Palden Choszom)MalaysiaRM 100
Gan Kok KewMalaysiaRM 300
Ng Eng Keong MalaysiaRM 100
Tan Li YenMalaysiaRM 50
Lee Yew Hock MalaysiaRM 50
Liew Foo Hong MalaysiaRM 50
Yap Poh Suan MalaysiaRM 50
Yong Loh LeeMalaysiaRM 50
Lim Chuan Peng MalaysiaRM 50
Tan Kim ChoMalaysiaRm 50
Than Shu GheeMalaysiaRM 50
The Late Cha Kai MalaysiaRM 50
The Late Tai Gee MoiMalaysiaRM 50
The Late Ho Yoon KeeMalaysiaRM 50
The Late Tan Bee LanMalaysiaRM 50
O-75981 Zhi Shen MalaysiaRM 100
Ang Khay Hock (Thubten Shidup)MalaysiaRM 300
Chan Guat Hong (Khoncuk Paltso) MalaysiaRM 300
Ang Kuan Hern (Palden Zangpo)MalaysiaRM 200
Ang Yi Xuan (Palden Namjoo)MalaysiaRM 200
Shum Sin Yang (Palden Rinchen)MalaysiaRM 200
Chan Guat Lee (Thupten Palmo) MalaysiaRM 200
Shum Wryan (Palden Tsomo)MalaysiaRM 200
Shum Ian (Palden Tobjal)MalaysiaRM 200
Chan Guat Yong (Palden Yangzam)MalaysiaRM 50
Long Shan Nie (Palden Padma)MalaysiaRM 50
Long Chee Fung (Palden Ladro)MalaysiaRM 50
Chan Hong Ann (Palden Keadup)MalaysiaRM 100
Tan Lai Yong (Palden Yangzam)MalaysiaRM 100
Chan Xin Tzi (Palden Semo) MalaysiaRM 100
Chan Hong Heng MalaysiaRM 1000
Ee Huei Ting MalaysiaRM 1000
Chan Sin Yee MalaysiaRM 500
Chan Xin LingMalaysiaRM 500
Phua Kim Eng MalaysiaRM 500
The Late Chan Siew Huat MalaysiaRM 500
Ho Khin Choy (Palden Namjal)MalaysiaRM 1000
Chan Guat Ting (Yeshe Chosdon)MalaysiaRM 1000
Ho Wen Xuan (Palden Zangmo) MalaysiaRM 400
O-43982 Zhi Fa MalaysiaRM 200
O-76437 Zhi Shan MalaysiaRM 200
O-76438 Zhi YanMalaysiaRM 200

24 New Sponsors for Urgen Drolma Lama Stupa – Updated on 5th October 2019

Name of SponsorCountryAmount
麦铭轩ChinaRMB 20
唐成妹ChinaRMB 500
谈小亮ChinaRMB 100
往生者杨锦龙ChinaRMB 50
杨国光 ChiinaRMB 50
张雅文 ChinaRMB 50
张增杭ChinaRMB 50
宋海英China RMB 200
邹莹ChinaRMB 68
王惠群合家ChinaRMB 108
黄福亮合家ChinaRMB 100
Lee Yoke WanMalaysiaRM 50
Chua Meng Kong MalaysiaRM 100
Chan Guat Cheng MalaysiaRM 100
Chua Jin Wee MalaysiaRM 100
Chua Jin Hao MalaysiaRM 100
Fung Hui Li MalaysiaRM 100
The late Chua Yee Ying MalaysiaRM 100
Ho Kam Choy (Palden Chosgayl) & Family MalaysiaRM 5,000
Palden Zongzi MalaysiaRM 10,000
十方法界 MalaysiaSGD 100
十方法界 (Wong Ah Sim) MalaysiaSGD 50
Anita Tenzin NorzomSingaporeSGD 300
Palden Chogyal SloveniaEURO 100