Latest Update for Urgen Drolma Relic Stupa Project: 50 New Sponsorships from Malaysia

New Sponsors List Update for Urgen Drolma Lama Relic Stupa 

We are thankful to Sister Yeshe Chosdron (representative for Malaysia collection) for sending in the donations from sponsors for our “Urgen Drolma Lama Relic Stupa” Building Project. Big Thank you to all Malaysia Sponsors.

Total sponsors: 132

Name of SponsorCountryAmount
Wong Yee Wen MalaysiaRM 50
Wong Chun Ren MalaysiaRM 50
Wong Chun QuanMalaysiaRM 50
Wong Kiun MengMalaysiaRM 10
Tan Cin LokMalaysiaRM 50
Armani Tan Yu Hang MalaysiaRM 50
The Late Cha Siew ChinMalaysiaRM 60
Lim Poo AnnMalaysiaRM 100
Cha Sew Yong (Palden Choszom)MalaysiaRM 100
Gan Kok KewMalaysiaRM 300
Ng Eng Keong MalaysiaRM 100
Tan Li YenMalaysiaRM 50
Lee Yew Hock MalaysiaRM 50
Liew Foo Hong MalaysiaRM 50
Yap Poh Suan MalaysiaRM 50
Yong Loh LeeMalaysiaRM 50
Lim Chuan Peng MalaysiaRM 50
Tan Kim ChoMalaysiaRm 50
Than Shu GheeMalaysiaRM 50
The Late Cha Kai MalaysiaRM 50
The Late Tai Gee MoiMalaysiaRM 50
The Late Ho Yoon KeeMalaysiaRM 50
The Late Tan Bee LanMalaysiaRM 50
O-75981 Zhi Shen MalaysiaRM 100
Ang Khay Hock (Thubten Shidup)MalaysiaRM 300
Chan Guat Hong (Khoncuk Paltso) MalaysiaRM 300
Ang Kuan Hern (Palden Zangpo)MalaysiaRM 200
Ang Yi Xuan (Palden Namjoo)MalaysiaRM 200
Shum Sin Yang (Palden Rinchen)MalaysiaRM 200
Chan Guat Lee (Thupten Palmo) MalaysiaRM 200
Shum Wryan (Palden Tsomo)MalaysiaRM 200
Shum Ian (Palden Tobjal)MalaysiaRM 200
Chan Guat Yong (Palden Yangzam)MalaysiaRM 50
Long Shan Nie (Palden Padma)MalaysiaRM 50
Long Chee Fung (Palden Ladro)MalaysiaRM 50
Chan Hong Ann (Palden Keadup)MalaysiaRM 100
Tan Lai Yong (Palden Yangzam)MalaysiaRM 100
Chan Xin Tzi (Palden Semo) MalaysiaRM 100
Chan Hong Heng MalaysiaRM 1000
Ee Huei Ting MalaysiaRM 1000
Chan Sin Yee MalaysiaRM 500
Chan Xin LingMalaysiaRM 500
Phua Kim Eng MalaysiaRM 500
The Late Chan Siew Huat MalaysiaRM 500
Ho Khin Choy (Palden Namjal)MalaysiaRM 1000
Chan Guat Ting (Yeshe Chosdon)MalaysiaRM 1000
Ho Wen Xuan (Palden Zangmo) MalaysiaRM 400
O-43982 Zhi Fa MalaysiaRM 200
O-76437 Zhi Shan MalaysiaRM 200
O-76438 Zhi YanMalaysiaRM 200