A Brief Introduction to the Vajra Armor Protection Wheel

A Brief Introduction to the Vajra Armor Protection Wheel – The Wish-Fulfilling Jewel










The Three Representations of the Vajra Armor (Dorje Gotrab) Protection Wheel: 

1) Body Representation – Image of the Wrathful Droje Drolo (Front), Namkchag Dharma Wheel (Back)

2) Speech Representation – Mantra of Guru Padmasambhva, Mantra of Droje Drolo, Mantra of Vajra Armor, Mantra of the Dependent Origination 

3) Mind Representation – Five Symbols of the Five Buddhas Families (Back)

This Vajra Armor Protection Wheel symbolizes the three representations of the body, speech and mind blessings of Guru Padamasambhava and all great Lineage Masters.  

On the front of the Protection Wheel is the image of the great wrathful Dorje Drolo. Many great masters mentioned the similarity of Dorje Drolo and Dorje Gotrab and the importance of their mantras. It is known in several rare Dorje Gotrab treasures that there is mantra but no visualization. Hence, in this Protection Wheel there is the image of Dorje Drolo. 

In one of the treasures of Dorje Linpa, the great Treasure master said: “With these mantras all negative emotions are eliminated. And to do this meditation, you visualize yourself as Dorje Drolo. Also, your ten fingers and ten wrathful visualizations. This is Dorje Drolo who has great power to eliminate all demons and negativities. These are vajra speech that represents the Treasure’s vision.”

Encircling the image of Dorje Drolo is the mantra of Guru Padmasambhva, Dorje Drolo, Dorje Gotrab and Dependent Origination (In very simple terms, the latter is, if you do bad things, you receive bad experiences, if you do good things, you receive good experiences). 

On the back of the Protection Wheel is the Namkchag Dharma Wheel. In the middle is the syllable “HUM”, the Sun and Moon, and the symbols of the Five Buddha Families. 

This is a Vajra and a Fire Mandala which confers great protection to our body, speech, and mind. These mantras have great power. It is especially powerful at this difficult time now. 

1. The Power of Vajra Armor Mantra as Authentic and Unchanging

The power of the practice of the Vajra Armor mantra is authentic and unchanging.

In the Black Yamantaka Tantra it is mentioned that when one has great devotion and if one practices the mantra with confidence, the power of the mantra comes true and bestows the practitioner with blessings and siddhis. Many great masters say that the Vajra Armor mantra never loses its power, and it never change. The Vajra Armor mantra are words for Enlightenment. And if we do Tantra practice, our action for Enlightenment is swift and definite. Mind is never lost. The mantra’s power is unchanging. It is wish-fulfilling. It is always with you if you practice it. 

2. The Origin of the Vajra Armor Mantra 

The Vajra Armor mantra is a secret teaching.

Ngag Wangpo Pema Leadreltsal said: “Rigdzins, All Vidyadhara lineages, Vajra Armor mantra is protection for the body.”

This means in the Nyingma tradition, all Vidyadharas, one by one: Mind Lineage, Mudra Lineage and Word Lineages originated from Samantabhadra to our Lineage Masters. These are long lineages. Guru Rinpoche’s students, this is Father’s Wish-Fulfilling Gem, Father’s Dharma, it is the Father Lineages Heart mantra. 

One of Dorje Lingpa’s treasures said that Mantra and Karma Tsok Offering are important and the great mantra, the Heart Mantra is the Vajra Armor mantra.  

Rolpai Dorje said the same about the wrathful Dorje Drolo Tantra. Pawo Learaptsal clearly said it is medicine and mantra. Vajra Armor mantra is protection for our body, speech and mind. Terdag Lingpa and Karma Leadrel Lingpa also said the same numerous times. Also, the Vidyadhara Lineages say that authentic practice brings true Enlightenment. We have lots of history of lineage masters saying this.

Vajra Armor is a very secret and important mantra. Some Buddhist Universities and others including lay people use mantra, use the Dharma Wheel and practices Mipham Rinpoche’s teachings.  All the Nyingma tradition, authentic masters, clearly said that Vajra Armor is a Heart practice and are teaching others. 

These Three Treasures together in this Protection Wheel is rare and auspicious. The Namkchag Dharma Wheel has Vajra Armor as one of its three roots. 

3. The Period Propagating the Vajra Armor Mantra

In the treasure text of Learaptsal it is mentioned that the Vajra Armor mantra is especially powerful and effective in eliminating all our negative karma, strange diseases and illnesses and obstacles created by demons and spirits. 

At this time of the degeneration age where the five poisons of sentient beings are strong, good karma and merits are diminished as sentient beings engage in negative actions and evil activities. The negative actions and evil activities caused by sentient beings to the environment has incurred the wrath of the Eight Demons, Nagas and Gods. Strange diseases and illnesses manifest and there are no medicine or cure for them. 

During this time when it is not raining properly and when there are lots of negativity in the world, it is only with the practice of the Vajra Armor mantra can we truly cure all diseases and illnesses, eliminate all negative energies and obstacles to our worldly and spiritual path.

The Vajra Armor mantra is a secret mantra. It is precious and rare. It is not public. It is not found in public. It is not found in the Gods realm. It is not found in the Hell realm. If you ask other Masters in India, Oddiyana, or anywhere in the world, you will not find it publicly. If you look at the Sun, or you go deep into the earth, you will not find the Vajra Armor. 

Therefore, if you have found the Vajra Armor, you should practice it.

4. The Benefits and Merits of the Vajra Armor Mantra 

The Vajra Armor mantra is precious akin to a wish-fulfilling gem. The blessings from the practice of the mantra are inconceivable. It bestows both worldly and spiritual blessings to the practitioner. 

For example, on a worldly level, the practice of Vajra Armor brings peace, wealth and all worldly accomplishments. It cures all outer and inner sicknesses. It cures all diseases and illnesses.  

Tibetan Buddhism and Tibetan medicine classify diseases into many different categories. This includes the 424; the harm from 80,000 demons; 360 kinds of ghosts and demons; 18 kinds of untimely death. With the practice of the Vajra Armor, these diseases and obstacles are eliminated. 

The Vajra Armor / Droje Drolo mantra bestows great power and blessings for peace. The mantras fulfill all our wishes. The mantra never changes. It is the same in the past, present and future. It is difficult to find. This is my Heart. Better than my Heart. This is my head’s eye and we need to take care of this the same way.

The Treasure master, Learaptsal, has a treasure that says all benefits come from solely one mantra and that is the Vajra Armor/ Dorje Drolo mantra. It is mentioned that the mantra eliminates the power of Gods and obstacles from the Nine planets, the Demon King, and all Five Color viruses: White, Black, Red etc., Wrathful Demons, Eight Maras King, Female Demons, Poisons, Secret Demons, Death Demons, Ear Demons, Mouth Demons, the Ten Demons, Animal Demons, Earth Demons, Demon Men, Demon Women, Day Demons and Night Demons. All negative 84 kinds of bad omens, the 760 and 360 illnesses, the 404 diseases and obstacles, great demons and damages from 80,000 maras. 

Vajra Armor is like a thunderbolt with fire. It eliminates all negativity, diseases and illnesses and obstacles created by demons and spirits.

On the spiritual level, the Vajra Armor mantra practitioner will develop immense wisdom and compassion, increases in their meditation power and eventually achieving the state of Enlightenment. And when the practitioner dies, there will be relics and auspicious signs. The spiritual benefits from the practice of Vajra Armor also include those of the worldly benefits of peace and good samaya. 

In Dorje Lingpa’s treasure, it is said: “If you are ill, do not lose Vajra Armor/ Dorje Drolo’s protection wheel. Keep it with your body. When you die, put it in your right hand. When your body is cremated, have it with you. Then there will be lights and rainbows. You will go to Buddhahood”. The Dakinis will say: “Come to Buddhahood.” You will have Tugdum. Guru Rinpoche will say: “You come”.  You never forget Guru Rinpoche’s promise. It is never broken. We need to take care of it on our side. 

5. The Means of Achievement from the Practice of the Vajra Armor Mantra 

The Vajra Armor mantra adds to the benefits of all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, their blessings including their primordial blessings. With devotion and confidence to the mantra practice, all outer, inner and secret obstacles are dispelled. All your wishes will be fulfilled.  

You arise faith and belief in the Heart Teachings, Heart Advice and Guru Padmasambhva’s promise that never ends. Your devotion and samaya is excellent. 

Treasure Master, Pawo Learaptsal in his treasure mentioned that if one practice this, then one’s positive actions, kindness, and compassion increase. This is how we respect our Guru and how we take care of our Lineage and Master. Do not forget this advice but believe in it. Also, give this mantra practice to good-hearted people, give it to positive people and this will bring immense benefits to this Heart practice. 

In Dorje Lingpa’s treasure it said: “This is my Heart; this is my Advice. This is like my Heart students, and you do not give it to others who are negative. If you do, and there is poor samaya, the Dakinis become angry because negative people do not keep samaya. So, you will go to Hell.” 

Dorje Lingpa also said that in the past, present and in the future: “No mantra is as great as the Vajra Armor mantra. This is better than my heart and better than my eyes. You keep it and give it to your Heart students. You keep your Heart. This is Guru, Yidam and Dakinis.”

It is important we believe this advice.  If we do not like Tantra or our Lineage, then you never show this mantra to anyone. If you know people who have a good heart and good meditation, you share it with these people. 

The Vajra Armor Protection Wheel is often worn as a necklace or with our body. Recite the Vajra Armor mantra 108 times daily. 

Samaya. You keep your Heart. This is good virtue; good-hearted students and many good things happen. 

In this Water Tiger Year, Tibetan First Month: 


By the Sangha of Awam Vidyadharas,

Endowed with the Four Non-Contrivances covering the extend of the Whole Earth,

May the Tradition of the Great Perfection, 

The Quintessence of the Heart of the Buddha Dharma be apprehended through study, practice and meditation!


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