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First Awam Monlam Chenmo: Full Moon Day 13 Sep 2019 9am GMT+8 Online with H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche

Hi Everyone! Tashi Delek!

As an advertisement, this is a short message to all of my students in the world.

I wish to help this world have peace and to benefit sentient beings to reach the great liberation. To do this, there will be a very special program on the full moon on 13 Sept 2019. 9 am Singapore time! This will be online from Asia, so this program will be live meditation and a living teaching.

We will do some prayers, meditation and practice together. At the end, I am asking everyone in every country to do dedication for everyone.
This will be the first Awam Monlam Chenmo. I will give outer transmission and when this is done, it is the very same as if we were sitting in the same room together.

This program will include: Awam Monlam Chenmo, Four Roots, and the KaJur. The Kajur is the “Collection of Translated Words of the Buddha”. It is 108 volumes and is the Buddhist canon including the Three Pitakas of the Buddha’s Teachings and the Four Orders of Tantra.

In this program, I will do the outer transmission and this will be from Guru Rinpoche. It is a short version and it is complete. Although it is short, it is the very same as receiving outer transmission of all 108 volumes of the Kajur.

If you focus and we do all together, you will have good virtue. This means if you listen to this, you will have the same good virtue.

My wish is that everyone does Awam practice of union of wisdom and compassion. Awam practice means the nature of wisdom and the nature of compassion. Monlam means great dedication.

I will be going to different countries and will do Awam Monlam Chenmo. I will do this program in in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Asia, America, EU and the UK and USA. I will do this for the world to have peace and to benefit sentient beings to reach the great liberation.

Inner Awam Blessings. Khenchen Lama