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H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche speaks of H.H. Gemang Khenchen Sonam Wozer Rinpoche

Today I am very happy to have had a very good conversation with my Guru, Gemang Khenchen Sonam Wozer Rinpoche. Since I was young, 14 years old, I have known him. We are inner heart friends.

Khenchen Sonam Wozer has so much compassion and wisdom. He’s really a true Lama. He knows the 9 yanas well: view, meditation, activity and actions. He’s a really great, high Master, scholar, and Khenchen.
He’s showing the Path to 1000’s, 1000’s of people so they have benefit and liberation. And there are 100, 100 monk students in Gemang monastery. He’s teaching, does meditation and takes care of students.

His Center in Singapore, is The Great Perfection Center. All of the students have a good heart and are practitioners. They do Guru Rinpoche days, Dakini days and morning and afternoon daily practice in the Dzogpachenpo tradition. It is the best Center in Singapore. I sometimes visit there. The students are very kind to each other, and really like the Dzogchen lineage.

They have really found a good Root Guru with Khenchen Sonom Wozer. These are my Vajra brothers and sisters and I’m so happy.

I’m doing Long Life Prayers for Khenchen Rinpoche, for his students and also the Dzogchen lineage.

All the best to you all.

Inner Great Respect. Khenchen Lama