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H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s Message to all students with practice instructions.

Tashi Delek Everyone!

Today I’m doing more Avalokiteshvara and Amitabha meditation for India because they are having a very difficult with Covid-19. A lot of people are ill, have died, are dying and will die.

It is a very difficult time.I pray for the people who are alive that they may have a long life. And I pray for all that have died and are dying that they go to Dewachen. Also, all of my students have compassion for and bless India now. Do more compassion meditation and blessings.

Do Guru Rinpoche mantra meditation and Yidam of Avalokiteshvara – Om Mani Padme Hung Hri. Now is the time to only do Dharma activities, meditation, prayers, pujas, for all sentient beings for their Enlightenment.I don’t need any celebrations this year, birthday party or anything because the whole world has the virus and India is in a very difficult time. Covid -19 virus is changing a lot and as it is a virus it will continue to change.

It is a very difficult time for humans now.It is important that we take care of each other. It is important that we are kind and think more of others who are having a difficult time. If we can help, then we take care of others more. Most important, we are clean, outer, inner and secret, pure heart and do Four Roots meditation. This will change our body, speech and mind. Otherwise, we can’t do anything. But, with the Four Roots, we can change ourself, and have protection for ourself.

All the best for our outer, inner, and secret world.

Inner Blessingful. Khenchen Lama