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Latest Message by H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche to all students from United Kingdom

Tashi Delek Everyone!
I’d like to say to all of my students and friends that hopefully everyone is well. And that you are doing meditation.

I’m doing well. Hopefully COVID-19 will be less and less. Please, all of my friends and students, please be more careful when you eat, drink, walk and are visiting. Please do very, very carefully.

The COVID-19 virus isn’t going to easily end. This is because this is the world’s karma. Hopefully, lots of people eat vegetarian; do meditation of Shamata and Rigpasana. Especially do Guru Rinpoche, Rigpa Guru Yoga and the 7 Line Prayer. As well as Guru Rinpoche mantra and mudra practice. Do these every day. This is very important.

Also do Vajra Armor practice which is also known as Dorje Gotrab. Do this 25 times every day. Then we can be confident and have no problem; take care of ourself and take care of others.

I am not going to be doing internet because I’ve done outer transmissions, Blessings and teachings. Also, my students are doing Four Root Meditations every day and doing very well.

Also, I’d like to say to all of my students to really try to do Four Roots meditation and count the mantra and write it down. Do this every day and practice this way.

Don’t spend much time on the internet, doing samsara, negative things. Most important for ourself is you already know Four Roots meditation; have Root Guru; you have Root Yidam, you have Root Dakini, you have Root Dharmapala. You don’t need much thinking when you have all of these.

You 100% believe Guru Rinpoche, then you can do only Guru Rinpoche. All Buddhas and Bodhisattvas manifestations of all their body, speech and mind is Guru Rinpoche. He is the root of all.

Guru Rinpoche himself said if you do Guru Rinpoche practice, then I am always with you. Also, other masters, Rinpoches, deities are Guru Rinpoche’s manifestation. Then you try to do Guru Rinpoche mediation. This is an easy practice and very fast with quick Blessings and Enlightenment. Only Guru Rinpoche practice is like this.

Otherwise, if you try this practice, that one, many others and feel you need more and more different practices, it means you don’t believe yourself. You don’t have focus and concentration. Later you will have problems because you don’t have focus. You lose your devotion. And have no confidence in yourself. You don’t believe your Root meditation because you try for too many different ones.

For example, there are many foods. If you choose good ones, then you are full, not ill and are healthy. If you chose, alcohol, meat, and lots and lots of food there are problems. If we mix too many things, it is a problem. Many foods have chemicals. If you don’t care and aren’t careful with what you eat, then you are ill. If you say you just like the taste so you eat many things. You feel it tastes nice so you eat and eat. But still, it isn’t healthy.

Meditation is the same. Some people think this is practice is good, that practice is good. This one is also good, You have lots of choice. But you aren’t confident.

Instead, think of one view, one meditation, and one activity. This is the practice of Guru Yoga, of Padmasambhava.

I’m saying this here now because some of my students may be confused. Some are doing this and it is confusing. Doing this practice, that practice, looking and wanting more practices isn’t helpful for your meditation.

First, I was thinking on this full moon that I would teach Kalachakra online. But I’m not going to do this now.

I am not going to do this because my students have been doing more. It is not helpful to have more and more. So, no more different ways now. You already have Blessing things now.

Having internet empowerment is not necessary now. Also, it is very important to understand that there are 6 Causes for a true Empowerment. If have the 6 Causes, then can have Empowerment and it will function.

Without the 6 Causes then cannot do an Empowerment. The true function of an Empowerment cannot happen. If one does an Empowerment without the 6 Causes it also isn’t respecting the Tantra tradition. It is an online empowerment. This is the reason I don’t give Empowerments online.

For example, a flower blooms. There is earth, water, sun and other causes. Then the flower can grow and bloom. No water, no growth. No sun, no growth. No earth, no growth. Just Empowerment only doesn’t actually function. You need water. Online doesn’t give water. For example, a Bhumpa, Vajra water, and Root of Yidam vows are needed for Empowerment. These are part of the causes. With an online empowerment these aren’t possible.

Without these, it is like a baby watching TV. It is not true Empowerment.

I tell you the truth. Take very good care of your samaya and Tantra tradition.

If you really understand and need Empowerment, please you look to the Six Yanas. Don’t try forever. It is important to read more about Tantra.

Now I will do a short teaching. First, do Bodhicitta mediation. Second do Guru Rinpoche Rigpa Guru Yoga and last is Dedication.

If you know this much, all of my students do the Four Roots meditation and also do more concentration on the Great Perfection.

In the Great Perfection, Kadak meditation means primordial emptiness meditation. And Lhun Grub is 6 Luministic Meditation of Rigpa.

This is your true meditation. Try to do it please.

All the best to you all. Practice your meditation. Do not look too much at samsara. Do not have too many desires. Your meditation is enough. Believe yourself.

Inner Buddha Nature.
Khenchen Lama