Practice Instructions from H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche to all students on Chothrul Duchen

Tashi Delek everyone!

Today is an auspicious day because it is the start of Chothrul Duchen. This is the period starting from the first day to the 15th day of this lunar month. It commemorates Shakyamuni’s special activities that he did for 15 days. In some traditions, this is Tibetan New Year, Chinese New Year and also Bhutan New Year.

It is most important to do meditation during this time as it is more powerful. One time is like 1 lakh with one hundred thousand times good virtue. Some Tibetan culture is now doing ceremonies as are Chinese people doing celebrations on the same day.

However, I’m not celebrating new year’s because of all the difficulties in the world now. At this moment, 2.36 million people have died from Covid-19 this last year. And there are more than 107 million people sick with this virus today. Because of all these deaths and everyone who is ill, I do prayers. I pray for a good environment and all human beings have good physical and mental health.I also pray that people do Buddhism meditation. If you don’t believe in the Dharma, then please do more meditation of compassion and loving kindness.

This is very important for everyone in the world. We really need this in our world now so have outer, inner and secret peace. If do Shamatha and Rigpasana meditation then this will benefit our outer world, inner world and secretly for ourself.Usually, I always say doing Four Roots meditation is very important. Guru Rinpoche is our Root Guru. He is the total of all mantras and all Buddhas of the past, present and future mind, speech, activities and rainbow bodies.

We do yidam meditation of Kilaya blessings and mantra that comes from H.H. Jigme Phuntsok’s Treasure. Dakini is 21 Tara prayer of mantra and blessings. Dharmapala is King Gesar, mantra and prayer blessing everyone. This makes our body, speech, mind and activities all successful. This is what I’m doing as prayer and we do together.

I’d also like to say it is very important that everyone do Four Root meditation every day so you are confident in yourself. With this confidence, we help ourself, other people and help our world, our countries, families and friends. We have inner peace and will have enlightenment.

First, we do motivation. Then concentration of the Four Roots meditation and then do dedication. Then you are all right on your path. Thank you.

Best to all of you.

Inner Blessing. Khenchen Lama.