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Tashi Delek everyone, New Year 2021 Message by H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche

Tashi Delek, Happy New Year Everyone 2021, Jan 1.

I’d like to say to everyone, my wish for you is for a healthy body, healthy mind and you are healthy with more wisdom and compassion. This morning I saw all the world, my students and the public, when I did a short transmission and sent my message of Tashi Delek. I did outer transmission of Seven Line Prayer, Guru Yoga; Yidam of Dorje Gotrab: Dakini 21 Tara and Dharmapala King Gesar.I did mantra and mudra blessing of Padmasambhava.

Everyone was really happy and joyful when I did transmission. Then many people asked questions especially about what to do. I don’t have much time. Now I’d like to share with everyone, my visions and important things.First vision is this year will be more wrathful and peaceful. Wrathful means environment and people will have obstacles. And Peace is that more people will care for our environment and care for our mind so our world is peaceful. Peaceful side is good.

Therefore, we need to be careful of our body, speech and mind and take care of our environment and other people.

Of course, it is very important that we concretely take care of our environment of earth, forests, grass, and also clean water and fresh air. This is very important.Most importantly, we think of our mind. Do meditation. We need more compassion and wisdom. Then what should we do? The only help now in this world is Guru Rinpoche’s prayer and Guru Rinpoche’s mantra. Then we change our environment and we change our mind.

We do this because Guru Rinpoche promised to help this world and especially practitioners. Primordial Guru Rinpoche, Samboghakaya Guru Rinpoche and Nirmanakaya Guru Rinpoche promised to help our world. Only Guru Rinpoche can help in this difficult time. This is my vision.And I looked up tantra history in Tibet. What did Guru Rinpoche do in the small mountains with teaching, the Treasures and about what will happen. The problem is people don’t know and don’t listen to his advice.

For these reasons, there are more and more problems with the environment, and in and between countries and people. Now in the 21st century, people have more wisdom and understand more. For example, with more problems, there is more understanding. With more difficulties, people understand what and how to change things.Since last spring, there have been no Covid-19 virus in Tibet. One reason is they took care by stopping visiting. Most important though was Guru Rinpoche blessing and Dorje Gotrab. People have protection of mantra and mudra and different medicines. People did a thousand million times (one billion) Guru Rinpoche mantra in Tibet.

Now, my Rachen family and lineage is going to do 10 billion times Guru Rinpoche mantra for problems with the virus and to have a healthy world and for all beings to have liberation of mind.If you like, and if you agree or follow me, try to do Guru Rinpoche mantra as much as you can. You can do 100,000, 200,000 or 600,000 or more. Do as much as you can do. This will give you good virtue. For example, if you would like to do 12 lakhs (1 lakh = 100,000), if you can do 10,000 Guru Rinpoche mantra a day, in ten days you would then have done 1 lakh, 100,000. In 120 days (4 months), you would have done 12 lakhs. What is important is that you please do as much as you can do through the year. We can do this together. Please tell me whatever you do.

Please count carefully and say on H.H. Khenchen Lama’s Facebook page.If you are really interested, please join us in doing Guru Rinpoche’s mantra for our world.I think this is good news and a good idea. If we do this, we are not wrathful and we are peaceful. Outer, inner and secret will be healthy. We will have Liberation of our mind and benefit others. Importantly, I am thinking only Guru Rinpoche will help our world, our mind.

This is why I tell you and we do this together during this year. I tell you this because people don’t understand the great master Padmasambhava. We have obstacles because we didn’t do things the right way. Thank you everyone for your patience.

You do Four Roots and especially Padmasambhava Guru Yoga for your life, and to have a meaningful life. Thank you everyone. In this coming year, take good care of body, speech and mind; do more meditation, and more take care. I pray and bless everyone.

All the best you all.Inner Guru Rinpoche Blessing. Khenchen Lama.