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Great Bodhisattva Rigpa Gyalmo Logyonma’s Sadhana of Great Medicine Garden by Drima Woser Nyingpo & Oral transmission by Khenchen Lama

Namo Guru.
Joyful Tara Medicine Garden Sadhana

Great Bodhisattva Rigpa Gyalmo Logyonma’s Sadhana of Great Medicine Garden

Whoever listens to Medicine Tara’s name, all viruses and illness will liberate and be finished. If you have devotion and do this mantra, then true great blessings will happen for everyone. Visualize the sky being filled with a Wisdom Dharma Wheel.

First do Refuge and Bodhicitta.
Homage to the Guru, the Three Jewels and the great Bodhisattva Logyonma.

I take refuge so all sentient beings may be liberated because sentient beings aren’t free in samsara where they cycle again and again.
May all beings have great liberation Bodhicitta to benefit all sentient beings to have the great liberation.

Yidam Meditation:

All fear, primordial emptiness is the nature luministic mind of all Buddhahood. In the air, coming and completely filling the sky, are all great Vajra Garudas who are surrounded in fire. They destroy the virus with medicine from Tara Logyonma.

She has one face and two arms. She is very wrathful and is dressed in Sambhoghakaya style. Her right hand holds a vajra that finishes the power of all sickness. Her left hand holds Long Life vows with Amrita.

At her head is Yamantaka. Her throat is Hayagriva. Her heart has the secret mandala of Vajrapani. At her navel is Dakini Ramati. All radiate very wrathful light. The mandala radiates great light. In the sky above her head is the incarnation of Guru Rinpoche, Padmasambha. He looks like Long Life Buddha, Amitayus.

At Guru Rinpoche’s heart chakra is a Vajra. In the middle is the symbol “Hung”. Surrounding Hung is the mantra with fire and light. It is turning the right way. All of the Vajra Garudas are sounding “Trom, Trom, Trom”. They make lots of noise. There are lots of small atoms of the sun filling samsara and nirvana. Together they destroy our negative mind, demons, illnesses, viruses and negative shadows. All of these look like frogs, snakes, and crabs. The Garudas eat all of these. They never die. Amrita light fills space with rainbows and special clouds that cover the whole sky.
Negative viruses all change and finish with this medicine. We see objects and our mind, all blessings, primordial mind.

Om Trom Parna Shawari Dhi Hri Hung Tam Jo Phat!

This mantra is the devotion samaya in your heart like Kilaya. Do not forget this in your mind and do no forget to do Shamatha meditation. Do not talk to others about this mantra. Then, all viruses will be finished.

After the mantra, say the following as many times as you can.
Om Ah Hung

Outside and inside, mind is all blessingful. All offerings are made to all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. Secretly, is body, speech and mind wisdom and knowledge mindfulness. Praise all three kayas, wisdom and knowledge. Think of Buddha’s knowledge.

Dakinis and gods are happy the virus is destroyed. All sentient beings are no longer afraid.

May all sentient beings have enlightenment of the Dharmakaya.

This is the great Dream Yoga Master Vidyadhara Amaho. It is very important to ask me. I prayed to all my Guru lineage masters and Yidams. My mind naturally came true with this sadhana. Essenence, clear luministic mind of Drima Woser Nyingpo wrote this on the Iron Red new year.

May all be good virtue.