Short Teaching of Guru Rinpoche on Smoking and Drugs and Rinpoche’s message to all students

First, Orgyen Pema Gyungnyi is said:
The poison tree and poison leaves you are smoking and sniffing in your nose.
These are dark.
If you need these, don’t do prayers to me because I can’t help you in any way.
This life time there are a lot of obstacles. And next life time you won’t be able to see me because this is really dark and a very deep poison.
It is my samaya.

To all of my students and friends in the world, many times I have asked you to not smoke and to do Four Roots meditations instead. Many times, I have told my students about the difficulties of smoking or snorting in your nose.

If you have been doing these things for many years, please stop slowly.
This isn’t my law. It is Guru Rinpoche’s teaching. He said we shouldn’t do dark things, smoke, drugs etc. We are doing Guru Yoga, and if we are also doing these things, it isn’t good. These aren’t my words. Please stop.

I can’t help if students or friends don’t change. Especially yogis, yoginis and tantra practitioners and doing Dzogchen meditations, because we believe in Guru Rinpoche, so we don’t do that way.

Instead we do in a good way. A small amount of alcohol or meat sometimes is ok as the body needs it sometimes. But smoking and snorting, or any drugs, the body never needs.

Also, this is not only the Nyingmapa tradition but all traditions: Gelugpa, Kagyupa, Sagkyapa, all lineages, and all of Buddhism says don’t smoke. For example, Sagkyapa, Kagyupa and other tantric practitioners follow Guru Rinpoche. Please also follow this teaching of Guru Rinpoche.

I’d like to say to all of my students, stop smoking and snorting in your nose so we are together and are healthy physically and mentally. Today I saw this Sanskrit and made a short message for everyone.

Inner Compassion. Khenchen Lama.