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An Important Message from H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche to all students and friends

An Important Message!

Tashi Delek everyone. Today in this world, with more virus and other things, it is a very difficult time. I like to give a short message to all of my students and friends.

Hopefully everyone is well. I’m doing very well and I am healthy. I am doing lots of Dorjee Gotrab meditation. A lot of students ask me about my health. This is why I am saying this now. I am very well and doing well.

My important message is, this is a time for us to do meditation more and more. We do more meditation because outside and inside there are more and more obstacles in this world and our area.

There are three important things for this time.

First, we need to take care of the environment. Take good care outside, and clean carefully. Also help others, try to benefit others. We try our best. Don’t be lazy. Try spending the right time for these things, and take care of others.

Secondly, we do for our self. Keep our home clean and strengthen our energy with exercise. Do not go much to public places. Instead, stay at home, resting, with good eating and good drinking. This means helping us have a healthy body.

Thirdly, it is very important to focus our mind. Focus on Four Thoughts meditation, Renunciation meditation, Bodhicitta meditation, Four Roots meditation and do more mantra and mudra. Also, it is very important to do more meditation of Dzogchen. Do meditation day and night so don’t lose our good meditation time; never leaving meditation.

Also, this year, I maybe won’t do much visiting because of the virus. Instead, do retreat meditation this year. We can sometimes do online. I did outer transmission, blessings, and teachings. Now won’t be doing much teaching. Doing practice is now the most important for us to do. If you have a really important question and it is difficult, then you can ask.

All the best to you all and to our world.
Inner Kindness. Khenchen Lama.