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H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s Message for All Students on Dakini Day

Happy Dakini Day!

Today is a very auspicious day, it is Dakini Day. Usually on Dakini Day we do Tsok offering and meditation. After my mom passed away on Dakini Day, I think more of mom and miss mom. Also, I pray to 21 Tara more. Dedication is to all mother sentient beings, reaching the great liberation. Blessing all sentient beings, and Dharma practitioners just like my mom, really true practitioners.

Also, today I did a blessing for my students, to do meditation and have a healthy body and healthy wisdom.

Today I now have 500 apple seeds growing to be apple trees. I planted them 100 days ago all on the same day. I feel like these are my very close students and my mom. They are growing differently. Some very slowly and have grown 1 cm. Some have grown about 10 cm already. This means some people are doing really well, really respect and really believe and are doing very well. I wish all will grow the same and do meditation. Some aren’t growing and this means aren’t doing meditation. Some are growing fast and it means they are doing well and we are very close.

Because I started on the same day, I pray the same and take care of them the same. Same blessing, same outer transmission, and empowerment. This means same practice but many believe, do meditation, and have respect differently and this shows naturally in the seedlings as they grow. I try my best prayers, caring the same for all of my students.

I will put these in my Awam Buddhas Garden.

These will help this earth; help this world and I pray the virus goes completely from the world. So, the earth is healthy, the environment is healthy, our physical body is healthy, we are mentally healthy and our meditation is healthy. And all outer, inner and secret obstacles are cleaned and finished. When I put these in the garden, maybe I might put names on the trees.

Blessingful. Khenchen Lama