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H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s account of the Great Treasure Master, Tashi Puntshok Rinpoche

Great Treasure Master, Tashi Phuntsok Rinpoche

Tashi Phuntsok Rinpoche is a practitioner of Dzogchen. He has close contact with Guru Rinpoche. He always did Guru Yoga his whole life time. He also did Guru Rinpoche retreat and teachings. His very favorite was his Root Guru, Guru Rinpoche.

Beginning four years ago, he did Guru Rinpoche retreat for three years. He saw no one during these three years. There was only himself in meditation retreat for three years. During the retreat he also had many special Treasures. This year, the retreat ended.

Then he taught Guru Rinpoche and did tsok offering for all his students. They did a ceremony for seven days. Nothing was missing and nothing went wrong. All was done perfectly. Normal talking, teaching, and everything was successful. 100% he understood he would go to Zangdog Palri, Guru Rinpoche’s Pure Land.

Then all of the temple and his text books, he offered to his students and friends. Then he taught Four Thoughts and Guru Yoga and then did Guru Rinpoche meditation. Importantly he taught Dzogchen Direct Pointing Out instructions to his close 25 students, And Yeshe Lama short teaching. Then he told them, in 7 days, I will go and be with Guru Rinpoche. Dakini Day is the time.

On Dakini Day he did pass and was in Thukdam for five days, until the new moon. Then they did ceremony for him.
Most important he said for everyone to do Guru Rinpoche meditation. It is the only thing that will help these days.

If you need enlightenment, then practice Guru Rinpoche. You like to have the great Rainbow Body, then you practice Guru Rinpoche. And you need samsara happiness and joy, you do Guru Rinpoche practice. You don’t want any obstacles; you do Guru Rinpoche practice. All the time, practice Guru Rinpoche, this is the only help to change things in this time.

To have a healthy physical body, do Guru Rinpoche practice. All positive change, only do Guru Rinpoche practice. You do practice Guru Rinpoche this life time then next life time you will be with Guru Rinpoche.

He said my time is right time now. Then there was no more time to talk with everyone. Then he did meditation. And on Dakini Day, he passed away.
Outside there were rainbows and beautiful smells. Weather was very good. And inside Rinpoche was in Thukdam. What his teachings and promise is for how all students to do in a great way.

It is important for those who see practitioners pass away to know their history. This is why I share with all my students so they will do Guru Rinpoche practice more. Pray to Guru Rinpoche and Guru Rinpoche meditation and Guru Yoga.

It is easy to practice meditation our self. It is better than before because of his blessing everyone.

All the best everyone.
Inner Guru Yoga. Khenchen Lama