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H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s message on Guru Rinpoche’s Birthday on Guru Rinpoche Day

Today is Guru Rinpoche’s birthday. He was born in 717 CE (current era). Today is a very auspicious day and also a very powerful meditation day.

I’m going to teach Guru Yoga practice now. And do Guru Rinpoche meditation together with Guru Rinpoche mantra 1000 times. Then when finished, do dedication.

Guru Rinpoche as the primordial Guru Rinpoche, is Samantabhadra. Samboghakaya Guru Rinpoche is Amitabha or Amityus. Nirmanakaya Guru Rinpoche is Guru Rinpoche Lotus Born and millions and billions of Guru Rinpoches. This means all the world are Guru Rinpoche’s incarnations and emanations.

For example, all of the Six Realms (god, demi-god, human, animal, hungry ghost and hell realms) all have Guru Rinpoche. Buddha Shakyamuni was Guru Rinpoche’s incarnation. Also, all past, present and future Buddhas are all Guru Rinpoche. We see in samsara, 1303 years ago, Guru Rinpoche was born in Oddiyana as the Lotus Born. There are many stories written about his history. The more we know, the more we believe and respect Guru Rinpoche.

The Masters in the Gelugpa, Sakyupa, and Kagyupa schools are Guru Rinpoche’s emanations. Especially the Tantra Masters in Tibet. Guru Rinpoche began with his teachings and his Treasures. Really marvelous!

All Tantra great Gurus or Masters are only Guru Rinpoche. Also, Sutra too. Guru Rinpoche Shakya Sengye was an emanation of Guru Rinpoche manifesting as a Buddha in monks’ robes. This means in Tibetan Buddhism all Sutra and Tantra come from Guru Rinpoche.

Some people ask about Guru Rinpoche practice especially when they are first beginning meditation.

I will tell you here.

Very important to know that Guru Rinpoche, for all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas, is their Root Guru. Guru Rinpoche’s mantra is all Buddhas’ mantras. Guru Rinpoche’s activity is all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas activity. Now, you do practice.

First, you begin with your motivation. This is important. Motivation is always with Bodhicitta. Bodhicitta is the wish that all sentient beings reach the great liberation just like Guru Rinpoche. We understand that we do practice to benefit and liberate all sentient beings and not just for our self.

This is the heart of an awakened being.

Visualization is of Guru Rinpoche. Do his mantra with your concentration only on Guru Rinpoche. Then you try to do Rigpa Guru Yoga Sadhana. This is the main practice. After this, do dedication.

With these three – motivation including Bodhicitta; focus on Guru Rinpoche practice and dedication, then this is excellent! You are a practitioner of Guru Rinpoche Guru Yoga practice. Then this life time is meaningful and you understand the excellent path of Tantra.

For example, Treasure Master Tashi Phuntsok Rinpoche and Phakpa Gyatso Rinpoche. This month both were born in nirvana and went to Guru Rinpoche’s Pure Land. There are many histories and give many relics. Their mind also gives consciousness blessings. Buddhas and Bodhisattvas give relics of Thuk Jak Chen Sum: relics of body, relics of speech and relics of mind.

There are written many things about these histories. It is important to believe and to respect and to rest in your body, speech and mind with Guru Rinpoche. Then when sitting, walking, eating, and sleeping, all the time, you and Guru Rinpoche are always together.

If you do this, then you will never have outer, inner or secret obstacles. When you die and while you are living, you will have happiness