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Announcement Message on the recognition of Kham Jamyang Drakngakpa Rinpoche

Good news!
I have good news. And a good dream that has come true. My previous student, ཁམས་འཇམ་དབྱངས་གྲགས་པ་རིན་པོ་ཆེ། Kham Jamyang Drakngakpa Rinpoche has been reborn in Bhutan. Really amazing emotions! He had great respect for me and he was also knowledgeable. Right karma has not changed and always comes true.

We believe in past lives, this life and next life. We 100 percent believe in karma. We also believe in great incarnation and incarnation does not change. 100 percent recognize you and yourself as nirmanakaya. If you are poor or rich it doesn’t matter. If you are old or young, it doesn’t matter. You understand your Root Guru. Also, your Root Guru understands you. This is not a joke. This is true history. This is not politics and not business.

Mind understands each other. Love and kindness with inner respect for your Guru and your students. Each great teacher or lama and their students have a great connection. For example, Milarepa and Marpa, his Guru is the same. 100 percent inner understanding your Guru’s nature. And Guru understands his student’s love, kindness, respect and good samaya.

I found my previous great student Kham Jamyang Drakngakpa Rinpoche and this life’s student.

Inner Luministic Yoga Master. Khenchen Lama.