His Holiness Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s reply to a recent email enquiry from a student

Thank you very much for your good questions. And for your love of Guru Rinpoche practice.

First, yes, you can chant Guru Rinpoche mantra, and do the 7 line prayer, and Dusum Sangye prayer. If you are free, I will give you transmission and blessing online.

Secondly, you are lucky that you have karma from a previous life. Don’t worry if you don’t have empowerment. When you naturally have respect and believe 100 percent in Guru Rinpoche, you can do his mantra, do the sadhana and read.

Thirdly, yes, you can put Guru Rinpoche thanka and statue in your home. And, it is no problem to give to your family and friends. This is a blessing. If your family respects Guru Rinpoche, this is best. Please do buy Guru Rinpoche thanka and statute for your house.

Fourthly, yes, you can guide your family and friends to do Guru Rinpoche mantra, Dusum Sangye prayer and the 7 Line Prayer so they too will have benefit. This means it is really helping others, your family and friends, in the best way.

If they would like and have time, we can also do blessing and transmission online with your family and friends.
All the best to you all.
Inner Blessing. Khenchen Lama.

((Dear His Holiness Khenchen Lama Rinpoche,

I really love Guru Rinpoche practice. I have four questions:

1. I did not have empowerment. Can I chant Guru Rinpoche mantra (Om Ah Hum Vajra Guru Padma Siddhi Hum) and Guru Rinpoche prayer (Dusum Sange and 7 Lines Prayer), and visualize Guru Rinpoche without empowerment?

2. I love the terma teaching “The Benefits of the Vajra Guru Mantra and an Explanation of its Syllables” revealed by Tulku Karma Lingpa. So I like to read it again and again. But sometimes I worry because I don’t have empowerment. So it is ok to me to read this terma when I did not receive empowerment? Here is the link terma: https://www.lotsawahouse.org/…/k…/benefits-vajra-guru-mantra

3. I don’t have empowerment, it is ok to have Guru Rinpoche thangka or Guru Rinpoche statue at my home?

4. It is ok if I can recommended to my friend, family… and guide them to recite Guru Rinpoche mantra and Guru Rinpoche prayers (Dusum Sange and 7 Lines Prayer) so that they can all get benefits?

Please guide me, so I can understand Dharma teaching correctly.

Thank You Very Much))