His Holiness Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s message on Awam Monlam Chenmo

Awam Monlam Chenmo
I’m teaching and meditation Awam Monlam Chenmo online. It is not advertised. At the same time, I will do meditation for 1 hour with all of my students in different countries. I will be doing this in Asia, America, and Europe. If you are at home, or in a temple or in school it involves watching for only one hour. I will slowly teach in 197 countries. That means we will change 8 billion human beings to have a positive mind. To have peace, joy, take care of each other and to take care of the environment. Most important to take care of our self; outer, inner and secret.

Because we have a precious human life, we are better than animals. We take care of our body, speech, mind, we take care of animals and also the environment. We only need to choose as we know the best way, a positive lineage. If you use positive ways, in groups and religions, this is great. If you use negative thinking and actions, this isn’t good.

I am thinking of Awam wisdom and compassion, benefiting others. This is great and positive. If you don’t have compassion and don’t have wisdom, this is negative. Then we need the cause of the positive and positive actions and benefitting others.

Then we live longer in this world and also nirvana. There is no fighting. No judgement of others. No judgement of our self. Then we think more of others. Then we will change our self and all human beings and have positive mind.

This way, we will have peace in the world. Otherwise, it is only talking. We need to do action.

This is why I will do Awam Monlam Chenmo.
Thank you. Inner Awam. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche.