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H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s message on Guru Yoga Meditation and Mantra recitation

Guru Yoga Meditation

Thank you very much to all of my students because you are doing meditation practice of Secret Rigpa Guru Yoga and mantra of Guru Rinpoche. And also doing prayer of dedication for sentient beings to reach enlightenment. Specifically, today, these students come from Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, and Ladakh.

I’m so happy they are doing Guru Yoga meditation every day and some also do retreat meditation. Doing prayer of Guru Rinpoche, visualization of Guru Rinpoche and accumulating Guru Rinpoche mantra. Some have really had visions and have seen Guru Rinpoche. Some have action with Guru Rinpoche. Different people are doing different amounts of mantra of Guru Rinpoche; 7 billion Guru Rinpoche mantras; 3 billion Guru Rinpoche mantras; 2 billion Guru Rinpoche mantras and 1 billion Guru Rinpoche mantras. Some are thinking and today have promised me, they will do 1 billion Guru Rinpoche mantras. These are all really practitioners. Some are old, some are young. They are all doing Guru Rinpoche meditation and then understanding the Great Perfection is easy. Some people already understand Dzogchen and they don’t stop doing Guru Rinpoche meditation. They do Guru Rinpoche meditation again and again.

If you would like to also do more, please contact me so all together, we can have more benefit for sentient beings. And, we can do dedication and rejoice with you.

I did a Song of Buddha Nature and A Song of Liberation. Soon will try to do in English. I hope all students change and have a meaningful life and a practitioner’s life. And on the right path. Otherwise, many people are thinking in this modern world they don’t need meditation, mantra or other things. This is confusion. My path isn’t confusing and I show you the right path.

All the best to you all.
Inner Blessingful. Khenchen Lama