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H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s New Year Message on New Year’s Resolution 2020

New Year’s Resolutions!
Tashi Delek to all of you!
Today, I’d like to say to all of you, my students, friends and those online who have sent messages, “The New Year is coming!” 2019 is ending and 2020 is coming. I ask all of you to especially make a resolution on this international new year, for fortunate and good things for everyone in this coming year.

I pray that everyone makes a New Year’s resolution for good meditation; to take care of our self; to take care of others and to take care of our world. To use positive methods. Don’t try selfish ways. We have no need for anything negative. Do more meditation this coming year. These will help everyone and our world. Then it will be a meaningful year.

Think more of impermanence, your precious human life, and be very careful of karma. Also, understand samsara suffering. And especially understand the nature of wisdom and compassion.
It is especially important to do Guru Yoga, Yidam, Dakini and Dharmapala practice. Make a New Year’s resolution to do these every day.

Also, make a New Year’s resolution for all the best for this world and for our self to have physical and mental health. For peace and harmony for everyone.

I have done prayers and auspicious and powerful Yidam transmission for everyone. I have done “The Verses of the Eight Noble Auspicious Ones” as well as “The Great Cloud of Blessings that Magnetizes all that Appears and All that Exists”. I then did dedication with the Four Roots Blessings.

Inner Peace. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche..