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Solar Eclipse Meditation and Samantabhadra Oral Transmission by H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche

Solar Eclipse Meditation 26 Dec 2019

Thurs, 26 Dec is a special day. There will be a solar (ring of fire) eclipse, the last one this year and also the last one in this decade.

It is very important for us to do meditation together. All Awam Centers and businesses, students and friends, all over the world, joining together at this time.

It is important to do Rigpa Guru Yoga meditation. Yidam Amitabha, Dakini Red Tara and Dharmala King Gesar.

Red Tara is chosen for this time because of all the difficulties in the world. The maximum eclipse will be at 5:17 am UTC (UK time).

It is important that we do 1 hour meditation together. Because the eclipse begins before 05:17 UTC, we will begin this meditation at 05:00 UTC.
We will do the Four Roots meditations and do dedication with Samantabhadra prayer.

First, our motivation is very important. We think of sentient beings with compassion and Bodhicitta. Bodhicitta means Wisdom and Compassion together.

Secondly, is meditation practice. It is important to focus great emptiness and compassion in union and resting our mind in nature of mind. All Buddhas, Bodhisattvas and sentient beings all have same nature. We do great equanimity meditation but we use mantra.

If this is difficult, you remember and do Rigpa Guru Yoga sadhana and rest in Rigpa more. Our Rigpa, others’ Rigpa, Buddha’s Rigpa are all the same time in union in meditation. We will do the Four Roots meditations. We will do 1000 of each of these.

Last is dedication of all virtue today. All virtue of Buddhas meditation is dedicated to all sentient beings reaching the great liberation right now.
And then together we will finish with doing Samantabhadra prayer.

Usually when we do mantra, it has the power of the one mantra. However, at an eclipse, one mantra is one million times more powerful. Doing 1000 of each of the Four Roots meditations, all together at this time, is many million times good virtue to benefit all sentient beings.

Because of this, it is important for all Awam students and friends to join together for this. Please check your exact time for your location. In America, because of the time difference, the time is easy because it is in the evening or midnight of 25 Dec, Christmas day.

In Asia, it is early afternoon 26 Dec. In Europe, it is early in the morning 26 Dec, and so it is not as easy. And for this one time, it is very important to get up if you live in Europe.

These are the Four Roots mantras we will do.
Om Ah Hung Bezer Guru Padma Siddhi Hung
Om Ahmi Dewa Aryur Siddhi Hung Hri
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha
Om Guru Mani Ra Zha Siddhi Hung

Inner Buddha Jnana. Khenchen Lama.