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H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s message to all students and arrival to United Kingdom 100-day retreat at Dzogchen Kalachakra Centre

Dear Everyone,

I arrived very safely in the United Kingdom. I am doing meditation very well. I’d like to say thank you so very much to my Singapore students who took care of me so very well. They are very respectful and very much believe in the Buddha Dharma. I miss you all and blessings.

I will take care of myself and do more meditation. I’m going to do a 100-day retreat and maybe longer.

All my students please do Four Roots meditation and Dzogchen meditation. If you know Dzogchen, then do more Dzogchen meditation. This time is not a time for much teaching. Instead, we do more practice Tantra and retreat meditation more. It is not good that all the people die and or are sick with the virus. Now we can do more meditation at home and do it safely. Do dedication for others. More compassion for others, and more blessing others.

Before we didn’t really know impermanence. Now we know.
Knowing impermanence, we understand more about taking care of our precious human life. Knowing impermanence, it is easier to see the importance of and have more renunciation, more Bodhicitta and to do more Pure Mind meditation of nature of mind.

All the best to you all. Thank you.

Inner Peace. Khenchen Lama.