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H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s message to students in Europe, UK and the America on the spread of Coronavirus

Good morning everyone, Tashi Delek!

Hopefully everything is going well, but I have a message for all of my students in Europe, the UK, and America.

I am worried now because the Coronavirus/COVID 19 has come to the West — to Europe, the UK and America. And in general, the governments, hospitals and ministers there are not taking care of the emergency well.

In my feeling and according to my vision, to take care of this emergency, we need to close public schools, meetings, and not visit each other because this virus is very fast in transmission from one person to another.

So for example, I see that if the UK doesn’t take full care and action right away, a great number of people will die and an even greater number will be sick in the next three months. For this reason, I worry about all of my students and friends and ask you not to go to public places and instead rest more at home. Do Dorje Gotrap and Guru Rinpoche Logonma meditation. Use distance technology for your work and learning.

The same is true in Europe and America. If you take care of this now while the fire is small, it is easier to stop, but if it becomes bigger, we can’t stop it. This virus is not a normal flu virus. Don’t treat it as if it is “just the flu.”

So now, be very careful, and do the following: meditation, wash your hands carefully, no handshakes. Instead, do what the Buddha already taught us to do 2,500 years ago — offer a prostration mudra!

All the best to you all. I don’t forget you. Don’t forget the Buddha Dharma and don’t forget each other. Hopefully, the UK, Europe and the U.S. will change quickly and take care of people.

Inner Bhudha Khenchen Lama Rinpoche

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