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H.H. Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s message to all students worldwide and blessings to all for world peace and harmony


Om Ah Hung Benzra Guru Padma Siddhi Hung.

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening everyone. I want to share with all of my students around the world.

Last 16 July 2019, I was in Wales. At that time, I dreamed of all these problems that are in the world now. I wrote my poem on Face Book tin.

Now a lot of Tibetans say you understood all the world problems; give teachings, meditations, and use mudra and prostrations. We use mudras and prostrations to show respect. This is also very important to respect each other’s inner mind. 2600 years ago, Buddha Shakyamuni taught prostrations to Buddha, Guru, Dharma and Sangha.

Hopefully the world understands this isn’t a Chinese practice. It is a Buddhist way to respect body, speech, mind and inner mind and to show kindness and respect to each other. This is a good time now to use this method with the sickness.

Also, at New Year, I dreamed, of these very scary sickness problems. I did Dorje Koltrab meditation then everything left. I also wrote a poem. In a dream, my heart was blessing all of Asia while doing the great meditation of Guru Rinpoche. I went to Chinese and Tibetan New Year in Asia.

On 22 January, I went to Asia to the Great Perfection Pure Land Association.

All yogi and yogini practitioners took really good care of me. I want to say, thank you very much. I did Guru Rinpoche meditation, teaching online and tsok offerings to Guru Rinpoche, Yidam, Dakini, and Dharmapala, that is, the Four Roots.

We did good meditation together. Some took Refuge; some did Preliminary Practice and some learned the music to Guru Rinpoche sadhana and Dakini Yeshe Tsogyal sadhana. Students also learned how to use the drum. Everyone enjoyed studying Tibetan Tantra tradition and practiced really very well every day.

Now my vision and my thoughts go to the West because there are more problems with the sickness now. I will go and give more blessings and go back to my country where I live. Some of my kind students have asked me to please not go to Europe now because of the problems with the sickness. I am not scared. I am very confident and so it won’t happen. It will be more blessings where the virus is. This is the reason why I want to do blessings, so the virus ends now.

I will also come to America soon to see my students who are waiting. I will teach Padling New Treasures in America, at Awam Heart Center and Awam Tibetan Buddhist Institute.

Hopefully soon all nations will be healthy and traveling will be easy. And all the sickness will be gone like when the sun comes in the morning and the dew goes. Then life comes back with love and people are doing meditation.

And… everyone really understands about a meaningful precious human life.

All the best to you all. Inner Blessing. Khenchen Lama.