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H.H.Khenchen Lama Rinpoche’s message to all students with regards to donations and offerings

Thank you everyone for kindly thinking of me. Thank you sponsors and everyone for your generous donations. Especially now at Christmas, New Year’s, Tibetan New Year, Chinese New Year, for mom’s stupa and my Centers. I really thank you for your generosity.

Most importantly, I strongly ask everyone, not to give to others, or to my students and then ask them to give to Khenchen Lama. Please don’t do this way. Instead, please look at my official website or directly give to me. Don’t make offerings second hand through others. This also goes for airport tickets etc. Please give directly to my official website or contact me rather than through someone else. It is great to make offerings cleanly rather than in a mixed way. This is better.

If you make an offering cleanly for the stupa or other donations, please do it through the website or to me, then this is the best way. I’m very careful of karma and respect your offerings and donations so they can be used in a meaningful way. I don’t do things on the side through others.

It is important to do offerings cleanly. The important points are: please donate first through my official website. Secondly if not through the website then to me directly. Thirdly, if you give an offering to another person for me, but not directly, it isn’t really giving to me. And, unfortunately, sometimes it is passed on and sometimes it is not.

If you’d like to do offerings then this is great! I can then care very carefully of your offering so it is used in a useful way. Otherwise, sometimes people on internet, Facebook etc. ask for money in my name but it often isn’t true. If you think this is me it often isn’t. Sometimes other people are just doing this and take the donation.

This is why I am writing now so everyone knows the best and only two ways to make offerings. Then everything is clean and the offering can be used in meaningful ways.

To all my students from Malaysia, kindly note that I have given my instruction and authorization to Yeshe Chosdron (Ms. Chan Guat Ting) to collect donations and offerings on my behalf in Malaysia.

Thank you sponsors, students, friends and everyone!

Inner Blessingful. Khenchen Lama.