Thank you message to all King Gesar Statue Sponsors and King Gesar Teaching by H.H Khenchen Lama Rinpoche

King Gesar and Meditation
Thank you very much to all of the sponsors of the King Gesar’s crystal statutes. I’m so happy about the King Gesar statutes and their light and to be able to give to all of my students in the world. I will be able to finish giving these out to students when I travel next year.

Now I want to tell everyone that this is not only a decoration. It is Guru, Yidam and Dharmapala all together. It is light, meditation, blessings and consecration already in this crystal. It is meaningful for our life. I and my students already have 5 colors, 8 colors, offerings, meditation and great virtue all together, I’m very happy.

In the world, Dzogchen meditation is a great path. Your Guru is Guru Rinpoche, Yidam is Garuda and Dharmaphala is King Gesar. Then it is very easy for you to have enlightenment fast.

To be able to clean obstacles – outer, inner and secret obstacles, to have purification of obstacles. Please try to do more Four Roots meditation every day, then it will be easy to understand our three kayas. Then you are fantastic! Four Roots meditation will be interesting and you have karma with Padling Terser.

Otherwise going here or there, sometimes not interested or don’t understand, means you may not have karma with the Padling Terser. But it is your choice of what you want. I’m not forcing anyone. But if you choose, please do these practices. I show you the great path of enlightenment. I’m generous this time by offering statutes, teachings in Asia, online and students are happy.

I now tell you that King Gesar is the greatest Dharmapala in the world. King Gesar as Guru, Yidam, Dakini and Dharmapala altogether in practice.

All the best to you all in meditation.
Inner King Gesar’s nephew. Khenchen Lama.